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Encore Partners’ consulting concepts

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Representative and partnership networks

As the company grows, it will lead to ponder, how to grow, in which direction, should it become international and seek partners or representatives. Encore Partners has knowledge and experience how to cooperate with the representative network successfully.
Our company has a variety of contacts in several market areas, who deeply know and understand the local business culture. We are pleased to use their expertise when needed to develop cooperation networks.

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From the industrial company to the service provider

Today, a traditional industrial company is seldom able to achieve long life benefits through a price strategy or product development. The only remaining option is to adopt service perspective. Technological development enables companies to continue processing and generating new services. However, development must always start from the business model of the service. Changing a company from a production plant to a service provider does not necessarily bring additional costs. Encore Partners can help with the applications based on new technologies, in the existing service offering or completely develop new services.

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Strategy process

Company has to have a clear business concept which is based on facts. In there is told what is the goal and the means to get there and in what time. This strategy process written in the form of business plan gives a solid path for development. You know then which are products you use which are the worst competitors and what you should look out on the market. Encore Partners has a long experience in making this kind of business plans.

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Production and material technology

Continuous improvement of operations and renewal of processes have major impact in improving profitability of engineering businesses. Operational performance is determined by both clever ways of utilizing technology and materials as well as operational execution. Implementing of investments efficiently and in time is an essential part of renewing processes.

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Quality management

Quality management is one of the main competences of a company’s top management. It is important to understand the three basic parts of management: quality planning, quality control and quality improvement. Managing of quality procedures and tools is an important part of excellence in quality management.

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Market Surveys

Surveys are always tailored to meet the needs of the client. Typically, Encore Partners' inquiries deal with the need for the development of the companies and their willingness to cooperate mutually. This will widen horizon for the target companies.
Some of the surveys have dealt with purchasing trends for customer companies' products and services. By analyzing the results, we have been able to show ways for the development and to increase competitiveness.


Encore Partners Inc. is a networked expert company, which is consulting and developing new competitive solutions to its customers. We help our customers to renew their strategy, to increase sales, to improve profitability and to create new international business and innovations through-out the life-cycle of the company. We are bringing also new knowledge to develop different business areas.